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Your Soulmate Puppy 

Hi! My name is Elia, I am the current owner and lover of these precious puppies.

From the time they are born, I am their first human contact, and have the privilege to experience all of the puppy's firsts. Their first breath, their first cuddle, and first bath! I take great pride in their care, by getting them prepared to go to your home, and fill your life with joy, just like mine!

My girls (the moms) are my babies! For the sires,  I look for the most handsome companions, of course, to compliment my beautiful girls. I search for great temperaments and healthy studs. 

The puppies live in my home as a part of my family , and the majority of my time is spent tending to their every need. There is no use of cages, as we have puppy play pens for when they are newborns. Once they can walk, we have play time and time to roam free in my home to normalize them to every day life. To work on the puppy becoming potty trained, they are encouraged to use a puppy pad. This technique is very effective, as the puppy is typically 99% puppy pad trained.

Becoming a hobby breeder has been a great part of my life, and I enjoy the time spent taking care of them before they find their furever home. To ensure the puppy has a safe and fulfilled life, I make sure they go to great families and a happy home!

Feel free to text me to arrange a visit to find your soul mate puppy.


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