Full yorkie she is a silky yorkie 12lb size.

Beautiful silver golden coat.
Rebecca is a sweet loving baby girl her loving temperament quiet and just a pleasure to be around she is the best dog ever. 

Kapy (Max)

Kapy is a AKC big Yorkshire Terrier. 
He is 12lb, tall and super fun . He is healthy and actives 'all terrier'.. he is also really lovable and smart. Learns new tricks fast!

He is the main stud! 


Lucky is 5.5 lb she is a Morkie mix

Lucky is my soulmate she is social and seems to understand when I talk to her . She is my emotional support .. "we all need one lol" She is just awesome !!! 


Itzy is a shihpoo Shihtzu poodle mix

Itzy is 12lb she is super funny and full of energy, Has mellow down with the yrs and is just a great mom and super social. Always ready to play . 


Yorkshire terrier 12lb baby she is super sweet temperament, Quiet and calm.