Meet the great team that help make this come true.


Spay and neuter clinic in mesa is my puppy vaccination provider. They are great, and handle my puppies with care! Love Dawn Archuleta my puppy vet. 
Exceptional Pets for urgent appointments.  Gilbert 
A proper health check up and first set of shots  are completed for the puppies and the parents. All puppies come with medical records.

My Vet is close by and 
ER is one block away from me .
We keep a excellent record with care credit for emergencies. 
And use most of my money on my dogs. not much profit here. My time and money is spent to pamper this babies.. 



My Preferred Professional Dog Groomer:

Terry is an awesome person, and has many years of experience of being a professional groomer. She has an in home business, so the dogs do not go in cages, or are exposed to any other dogs when being groomed.  This is for adults as puppies are groomed by me. 

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Baby Sitter

We are blessed to have 4 kids. 3 adults, and one pre-teen. We encourage our  pre-teen and her friends to socialize and interact with our puppies. My older children help baby sit the puppies as well. 

My groomer has also been available for boarding (puppy daycare) in cases of emergency. 

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Why Different Breeds?

I am a hobby breeder and unfortunately with all the hate alot of people have against breeders makes me have to explain.. These are my pets that live in my home as part of the family.  Sleep in my bed or under my bed lol. Yes I breed them Yes we vet our dogs and are healthy to have babies.  We plan for different temperaments to better the breed. I don't have just one breed as I happen to fall in love with different breeds. Like my Yorkie or my Yorkiepoo and my Morkies. . If you are not ok with this.  Is ok you don't have to get one of my babies.  I want families that have same standards as me that dogs are family and love different breeds. 
Pets is what you get with me .. Puppies that see you in your eyes that know you are not going to hurt them and are ready to play and learn.. The health part is taken care by my vet . I have learned alot and keep learning. I love what I do.  

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Team work

As puppies grow and require more than one person to care for them .. Your soulmate puppy is managed by two people. My daughter is part of this hobby, her name is Angelica and she is in charge of the everyday care and pampering the babies socializing and lover. Such a hard life lol!!!  Thank you Angelica!

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